Season's Greetings, 
Lot's of snow last season - Let's hope for the same this upcoming season!  Join up with Snobowl Properties this year to ensure that your Jay Peak rental property is managed to its fullest potential.  My home office is located one mile from Jay Peak Resort.  Snobowl properties is celebrating over 20 years of Vacation Rentals!
My name is Sarah Coburn, owner of Snobowl Properties.  I'm a native Vermonter, love the snow and being outdoors.  I studied architecture and family studies at ASU and for six years I was a Kitchen and interior designer.  I have a passion for architecture and interior design and have had a close relationship with Real estate and property management throughout most of my life.  I am also a Realtor with Montgomery Properties in Montgomery.  I acquired Snobowl Properties over 9 years ago, prior to taking over the business I was a homeowner that rented.  I understand as an owner what goals financially you want to achieve as well as have your property treated as you would treat it.
Snobowl Properties offers just a few of the following services:
  •  First and foremost, managing Jay Peak vacation rentals! For full management of your property a commission is required 27%.
  •  Secondly, minimal services offered are weekly security and property checks  for a flat fee, $30 per week.
  •  Customized services are available too! For example, you can manage your bookings and Snobowl Properties can do your "Meet & Greet", for a flat feeof $100 per rental.
As you can see, I offer a variety of services and I invite you to call and explore all your rental options.
Snobowl Properties,LLC
Sarah Coburn